The leading tracker of Cryptocurrency transactions, creating transparency in a market founded on anonymity

About Us

Millions of transactions are made each day using blockchain technology and this number is growing fast. The increasing popularity of crypto technology has caused a surge in blockchains, each with their unique approach towards transactions and privacy. Transactions are made directly between sender and receiver, at very low cost, anonymous and without oversight. At Whale Alert we track these transactions made on various blockchains, convert them into a single standard format and store them in our databases.

Our databases contain thousands of known addresses of individuals, exchanges and companies and we are constantly adding and updating both manually and with the help of AI. Our tracking software is able to instantly identify transactions made to and from known and associated addresses and by doing such, removes anonymity and adds intention for a significant part of the crypto world, especially exchanges.

The Whale Alert team has many years of software development experience in both business and finance. Our team is constantly working on adding more blockchains and improving attribution, data storage and reliability and through our experience and expertise we have been able to create one of the largest and most reliable crypto data collection systems in the world.

Part of the data we collect and process is used to power our Twitter account: @whale_alert. The channel tweets large cryptocurrency transactions live and it has attracted more than 1,200,000 followers. The community has proven invaluable for our work in terms of feedback and attribution and gives great insight into the world of crypto.

Our Services


We track all transactions made on different blockchains and convert these into a single format.


We identify owners and exchanges using various methods and link them to transactions.

Data Storage

All transactions are converted, categorized and stored in our databases, no matter how large or small.

Personal Alerts

Our website offers a custom alert service for email or Slack. Simply select currencies and threshold.


All of our data is available through our API. We offer different plans for different types of users.

Crypto Knowledge

We have extensive knowledge of blockchains and crypto currencies which could aid your project.