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Personal Alerts

Our personal alert service lets you create custom alerts for your favorite currency, informing you of large movements in the market. Alerts can either be sent by email or integrated into Slack. You can set your own thresholds starting from $100k USD, which lets you receive more alerts than you would using only our Twitter service or Free API Plan.

Creating personal alert requires no programming knowledge and is very easy to do. After upgrading your Plan you can create alerts for email and Slack. Each alert can contain as many currencies as you want and will be triggered for values starting at $100k USD. If you are only interested in transactions to and from exchanges and other known addresses, you can select the "Known Only" filter.

Our alert service costs $9.95 USD per month and allows you to receive up to 100 email alerts and unlimited Slack alerts each day for as many currencies as you like. Your subscription allows us to keep expanding our service to include more blockchains and researching wallets.

Our Services


We track every transaction made on different blockchains and convert these into a single format.


We identify owners and exchanges using various methods and link them to transactions.

Data Storage

All transactions are converted, categorized and stored in our databases, no matter how large or small.

Personal Alerts

Our website offers a custom alert service for email or Slack. Simply select currencies and threshold.


All of our data is available through our API. We offer different plans for different types of users.

Crypto Knowledge

We have extensive knowledge of blockchains and crypto currencies which could aid your project.