Building the world's largest Block Chain tracker and analytics tool.

Whale Alert v2

Transparency is an essential ingredient for a healthy block chain economy and that is why we are excited to announce the development of Whale Alert v2, the world's largest and most advanced independent block chain tracker. Whale Alert v2 will be able to track and analyze transactions on any block chain up and to 100 million transactions per hour.

Whale Alert v2 will include improvements to our website and API, better fraud and hacks tracking and an improved explorer spanning all block chains. Parts of v2 are already being integrated into Whale Alert and the completed system will be fully operational in Q4 2019.

Whale Alert V2

Key Features

Block Chain Integration: agnostic data retrieval and conversion system for seamless addition of any block chain (LTC, BCH, ADA, DOGE etc.)

Genesis Data Retrieval: access to transactions, analytics and prices from the first to the most recent transaction for any integrated block chain.

Advanced Heuristics: improved AI will allow for better and more accurate attribution across all block chains.

Improved Explorer: custom explorer displaying specific relevant data for each block chain including improved address and transaction information.

Attribution Confidence Scores: attributions will include a score displaying the certainty of the identification (e.g. 100% for addresses confirmed by owner).

Continuous Analysis: block chain data will be constantly reanalyzed using new data.

Advanced Attribution: known addresses will include owner name and wallet type (hot, cold, deposit etc).

Attribution History: advanced users will be able to check the attribution history for specific addresses.

Improved API: new endpoint for address attribution and improved usability based on user feedback.

Specialized Hack and Scam Analytics: advanced analytics specifically designed to track hacks and scams across block chains and black markets.