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The Whale Alert Effect

Interesting research published in Finance Research Letters on the role of Whale Alert in Bitcoin’s reaction to minting and burning of Tether’s USDT. A must read for any serious blcokchain investor.

The Satoshi Fortune

The story of bitcoin founder Satoshi is one shrouded in mystery and deception. We decided to try to reveal some of the secrets and by building further on the famous Patoshi research we have been able to make some interesting discoveries.

Chasing Crypto Criminals

The amount of cryptocurrency scams is increasing and the damage they do is not only ruining lives, but also threatens blockchain adoption. We decided to do something about it ourselves with the help of our new website Scam Alert !

Read about our first results and how much crypto crime really pays at the link below.

Ripple Whale Analysis

For the sake of transparency we took a closer look at several blockchains and their whales. In the first article of a series we discuss a famous Ripple whale. Find out how rich they really are on our Medium blog!

At Whale Alert we are dedicated to transparency and this article is the first in a series we are doing on whales in blockchain.

CoinTelegraph Japan Interview

CoinTelegraph Japan asked us and 49 other crypto experts what their expectations for 2020 are. The overview of experts can be found by clicking the button below!

Cointelegraph is the leading independent digital media resource covering a wide range of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends.

SFOX Interview

We were interviewed by Aaron from SFOX on crytpocurrency whales and their effect on the market. We will do a follow up once our new platform is up and running. Head over to the SFOX website to read the full interview by clicking the button below!

SFOX is a cryptocurrency prime dealer that provides professional traders and institutional investors higher returns when trading large volumes, through smart routing and a global integrated order book.

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