Whale Alert offers a variety of plans for two different APIs: the Whale Alert API for developers and the Leviathan API for companies, institutions and anyone data hungry. Both our APIs provide a constant stream of analyzed and converted blockchain transactions for major blockchains. For commercial entities or institutions we offer the Enterprise and Institutional plans with access to the Leviathan API which offers more transactions and more attribution and is better suited for high volume requests. Please view our documentation for detailed information on the APIs. All prices listed are excluding taxes and local taxes may apply.

If you would like to test our APIs, please contact us for a 14 day trial period.


Includes WA API Access

For independent builders in the crypto space we offer a plan with access to a constant stream of high value coin and token transactions made on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Ripple, Stellar, Binance Chain and others. The live data includes prices and attribution for the top 25 exchanges where available.

The developer plan is ideal for tinkerers, small teams and startups who want to add live on-chain data to their project. Not intended for commercial use.

$49per month
  • WA API Access
  • Rate 60 calls p/min
  • Top 25 exchanges attribution
  • Transactions > 100k USD
  • 30 day historical data


Includes Leviathan API Access

The Enterprise plan offers a steady stream of millions of transactions per day in real time on major blockchains with attribution for top exchanges. Additional historical data is available at an additional fee or included in 1 year subscriptions (includes one year of historical data) and is delivered in either .csv or .json format.

Our Enterprise plan is ideal for anyone interested in using live on-chain data in algorithms or doing live analysis and is also available without attribution data for 499 USD per month.

$699per month
  • Leviathan API Access
  • Rate 100 calls p/min
  • Top 25 exchanges attribution
  • All Transactions
  • History Available


Includes Leviathan API Access

The institutional plan is fully customizable to your data needs and provides a rate limit suited to collect all transactions offered through the API. The data can be augmented with additional attribution of hundreds of entities and our Scam Alert data, making it the most complete live blockchain overview available. For pricing details on custom options please contact us.

Our institutional plan is ideal for compliance providers, quantitative traders and projects with high data needs. Historical data is available for every tracked blockchain going back to genesis at an additional fee.

$1499per month
  • Leviathan API Access
  • Custom Rate Limit
  • Customizable Attribution
  • All Transactions
  • History Available

Historical Data

Data sets by year

Whale Alert offers complete data sets of historical transaction data including asset price data and address attribution data. Our unique high quality data is perfect for, for instance, AI training and powering trading algorithms and is already being used successfully by top quantitative traders.

Pricing includes data sets per year and includes available blockchains, assets and attribution for the top 25 exchanges and can be delivered in various formats. For more extended attribution data, please contact us.

$1990*per year of data
  • Delivered in JSON or CSV format
  • All Available Blockchains
  • All Transactions
  • Top Exchange Attribution
  • Includes Price Data