Whale Alert offers a variety of plans: the ALERTS plan for traders who want to create their own alerts, the QUANTITATIVE plan for data hungry trading models and the COMPLIANCE plan to help lift compliance solutions to the next level. We also offer high quality historical datasets for AI and machine learning training. Please view our documentation for detailed information on the available APIs. Local taxes may apply. If you would like to pay with cryptocurrencies, please contact us.

The ALERTS plan come with a 7 day trial period that can be cancelled at any time.


Includes Websocket API Access

Creating your own alerts is easy with our websocket API. You can set your own value limits for the asset of your choice. If we currently do not track your favorite asset, please let us know!

Ideal for traders who want to enhance their strategies and minimize their risk. For personal use only.

$29.95per month
  • Websocket API Access
  • 100 Alerts per Hour
  • Address Attribution Included
  • No value limits
  • Includes Mints and Burns


Includes REST API Access

Offers a live stream of millions of transactions per day in real time and 30 days of historical data on major blockchains with attribution for exchanges. Data comes in easy-to-use standardized format regardless of blockchain protocol or asset. Additional historical data is available in json format at an additional fee .

Includes real-time customizable whale alerts via websocket access.

The QUANTITATIVE plan is ideal for powering trading algorithms and is already successfully being used by top trading firms.

$699per month
  • REST API Access
  • Live Transaction Data
  • 30 Days Historical Data
  • Includes 10 Blockchains
  • Over 200 Assets Tracked
  • Top Exchange Attribution
  • Rate Limit 100 CPM
  • Includes Alerts API
  • Email and Telegram Support

Historical Data

Data sets by year

Whale Alert offers complete data sets of historical transaction data including asset price data and address attribution data. Our unique high quality data is perfect for AI training and powering trading algorithms and is already being used successfully by top quantitative traders.

Sample data sets are available for download here.

$1990*per year of data
  • Delivered in JSON format
  • 10 Blockchains Available
  • Billions of Transactions
  • Exchange Attribution
  • Includes Price Data