The Whale Alert team routinely researches blockchain related topics both for clients and just for fun. Our data is also provided to external researchers from various universities around the world which cover topics ranging from stable coins to scams and money laundering. If you are an academic researcher and would like to access our data, please contact us.

The Whale Alert Effect

The Role of ‘Whale Alerts’ and Sentiment in Bitcoin’s Reaction to Minting and Burning of Tether.

Dr. Aman Saggu

The Satoshi Fortune

A closer look at fabled the Satoshi fortune by building further on the Patoshi research.

Whale Alert

Chasing Crypto Criminals

A short paper on Giveaway scams based on data collected by our anti-scam initiative Scam Alert.

Whale Alert

Ripple Whale Analysis

A thorough analysis of Jed McCaleb's vast #XRP fortune.

Whale Alert