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Whale Alert continuously collects and analyzes millions of blockchain transactions in real-time and combines them with off-chain data from hundreds of sources. The result is the world's largest and most up-to-date database containing billions of transactions and hundreds of millions of addresses. Our transaction data is stored using a single format regardless of protocol, meaning that no in-depth technical knowledge of blockchains is needed to use it. Our data is used by both amateur and professional quantitative traders and researchers worldwide and is key in giving you the insight you need to be successful in an exciting new economy.

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Enhance Your Strategies

Professional traders combine our live and historical data with powerful AI and analytics to predict possible price movements before anyone else.

Monitor Market Trends

Uncover market trends by not only tracking which assets are actually being used on the blockchain, but also how popular they are.

Manage Asset Risk

Monitor assets cross-chain for unusual behaviour and uncover potential sell-offs, hacks or buying opportunities before they materialize.

Power Compliance

With over 400 entities tracked and more than 100,000 scam addresses identified, our analytics system is the perfect data provider for any compliance solution.

Mapping An Exciting New World Real-Time

Our mission at Whale Alert is to bring trust and transparency to the blockchain ecosystem. To achieve this we have created a one-of-a-kind blockchain tracking supercomputer that goes far beyond the capabilities of any other blockchain analytics system: a vast network of computers dedicated to collecting, analyzing, storing and distributing processed blockchain transaction data in real-time. Being future-proof and blockchain agnostic were central to our designs meaning that we can track any protocol no matter the throughput.

Major Blockchains tracked and analyzed in real-time
Assets tracked cross blockchain
Billion transactions analyzed since the first Bitcoin transaction
Million addresses attributed to over 400 entities

Stable Coin Tracking and Analysis

Stable coins represent one of the most successful innovations on blockchain to date with billions in transactions happening every day in #USDT and #USDC alone. Blockchain based stable coins offer cheaper transfers and more transparency and are set to replace much of the outdated traditional banking system in both international trade and consumer transactions. At Whale Alert we track and analyze stable coin transactions across blockchains and use this data to create the most complete and up to date live and historical data set of international monetary traffic in the world with more than 90% of stable coin transactions tracked.

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Our awesome data powers one of the largest and fastest growing and most active crypto social media presences in the world and informs amateurs and professionals alike of important and interesting transactions. Join our ever-growing community and stay informed on the latest whale movements and other fascinating blockchain transactions.

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Whale Alert offers the highest quality data for blockchain transactions and attribution in a standardized format regardless of blockchain or token. Our data includes transactions, price data, transaction types, address types and attribution with histories going back to genesis for every tracked blockchain (history dependent on subscription type). For each plan we have a one week Free Trial available for testing purposes. Visit our plans page for more detailed information on our offerings.


$49per month

API access for tinkerers and hobbyists. Access to large transactions with attribution limited to top exchanges.


$699per month

Access to our Leviathan API for serious data consumers. Access to all transactions and top attribution.


$1499*per month

The one stop-shop for institutional data users. Custom attribution and higher rate limits.


$1990*per year of data

Complete historical transaction data sets including price and top exchanges attribution data.

* Prices listed for access to top exchanges attribution. For full attribution prices, please contact us.


Whale Alert collaborates with top researchers and universities from all over the world in order to create a better understanding of the world of blockchain, but also to dispel the myths surrounding it. Our high quality data has become an invaluable tool for creating high quality research.